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Learn about how we got started and what we believe.

Our Story

After working for both a private practice and a community health clinic for about 5 years, I began to feel conflicted deep in my heart. I was advertising a hope for the future to clients who frequented the secular settings in which I practiced, but could not speak openly about our Living Hope in Christ. As a result, my effort often left them feeling better to a certain degree, but without True answers to their struggles that would allow for lasting, permanent change. I came to believe that while I had done my job, I had unintentionally encouraged my clients into a deeper reliance on themselves, their own efforts, and their own insights in an effort to solve the problem that ultimately we cannot solve by ourselves. The problem of the presence of Sin in the world.

Finally, rather than attempt to walk the ethical tight rope of practicing as a Believer in a secular therapeutic setting, I began exploring the idea of opening a Christian Counseling practice. I felt called to be an available resource for people who needed to be able to talk about how their struggles impact their faith, as well as how our faith is the solution to our struggles. So in August of 2021, I left my previous place of employment and opened Tharseo!

“Tharseō” is a Greek word that translates to, “Take heart,” or, “Be of good courage.” It’s used multiple times in the Bible, but I love its use in John 16:33. Jesus speaks, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart (tharseō!), I have overcome the world.” Tharseo Counseling Services has been established because of the Truth that though we struggle, though we face trial, and though we find ourselves unable to be our own solution to those difficulties, there is One who has already conquered. His name is Jesus. Our Living Hope, our Redeemer, our Savior. So take heart, be of good courage! Tharseō!

– Alan Davidhizar, LMHC | Founder

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